House Concept: Urban Living with Indoor Jungle

Ever dreaming about owning a house at off grid location with a lot of tree and shrub but you still want the convenient way of city folks? recently most people that concern about global warming, though about concept of urban living, house with a lot of indoor plant like jungle. Indoor plant not only act as a quick decorating tool, they also help clean the environment and air around them. Whether you expert about plant or just starting, you can consider this list of plant to start your journey:


  • Pothos

It’s a must have plant that you need to plant indoor. It can grow 2 meter or longer per stem,

so you just need to cut them shorter when they get long enough, and your plant will

stay full and healthy. Make sure to put this plant in plenty of sunlight, which allows soil to dry

and give plant full green colour. Room temperature is the best temperature this plant can

survive. You can hang on nearby window and make some railing to make it spread nicely.


  • Aloe

Aloe also like room temperature and a lot of sunlight. This plant also prefers dry soil so avoid watering it frequently. When this plant produces enough stem, you can use it as cosmetic for hair or for the skin. You can also consume it as a sweet beverage. It you want to make it grow bigger, try to put in a large pot.


  • Snake Plant

This is the easiest indoor plant that you can get. You will laugh but it also known as mother-in-law’s tongue plant. It has leaves that grow upright and some parts have yellow or white edges. It has flower but bloom rarely. This plant can grow in many kinds of lightning condition. These also need dry soil and room temperature. Because it is easy to maintain, you can place it on top of your work desk and just water it weekly.


  • Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

A species of ficus, has large dark green leaves and can grow tall to your ceiling. Likes room temperature around 20 Celsius. Do not put it on strong sunlight, if it starts to look a bit pale, try moving it to somewhere less bright. This plant is by far that we love the most.


  • Jade Plant

For those who love the look of a succulent, easy to care for this plant offer lush leaves and interesting branches. It grows slowly and has potential to live longer. Most people also pair it with other succulent in one pot.


  • Shamrock Plant

It has green leaves that look like diamond and has white flower on its tall stem part. This houseplant loves bright but indirect sunlight. When watering, allow it to dry out a bit. Once a week is the ideal time to water this plant.


  • Areca Palm

It doesn’t grow high like another palm you know. It can grow taller to about 2 meters but to keep it small, you just need to put it in a smaller pot, so it stays small. Put it in indirect sunlight to keep the soil somewhat dry. Water it weekly is enough.


If you consider having indoor plant at your home, consider installing a skylight too, house with skylight tend to have good air circulation and plenty of sunlight which can benefit to the health of your plant. Outside plant are surrounded by the sunlight. The sun touches every part of your plant expect the shady area obviously. With the help of skylight your plant can have the same benefit as it plant outside.