Roof Extension in Sydney


There are many home owners in Sydney who opt for roof extensions for a variety of reasons. However, despite roof extensions being the logical solution for an array of issues including expanding your home it has to be undertaken by a team of experts. One of the major problems with numerous roof extension projects is that it can often look slightly different to say the least. Home owners often complain that the extension does not look as part of their existing roof and this is why hiring experts with years of experience is so important.


Roof Extensions of All Types


At Sydney Roofing Group we believe in delivering the highest quality service in roofing Sydney industry. Our team of roofing experts have been building roof extension in Sydney for a very long time, plus because we use only the very best materials the extensions are durable and match your home’s existing roof in every way. Our approach to every extension project is different and is mainly based on the type of roof and size of the home we are dealing with. We also need to take the material used on the existing roof into consideration to make sure that the workmanship is flawless in every way.


Expert Roof Extensions


If you have been considering a roof-extension then look no further than Sydney Roofing Group. We have years of experience building roof extensions and have already build dozens of extensions successfully. Our workmanship is backed with a satisfaction guarantee which primarily guarantees that you will be happy if not more than happy with the work we do. Plus unlike other services the extensions will be exactly what your home needs in every way possible all the while taking on the appearance of the original roof. In addition, if you already have a extensions in your roof which you think is not durable we can redo it as required in the best possible way.


Roof Extension – A Specialised Approach


Roof Extension is a highly specialised job. As a matter of fact, there are instances in which it can be more complex than building an entire roof. There are a number of reasons for this, such as:
1. It has to match the look of the existing structure
2. The size and weight has to be suitable for the building it sits against
3. Roofing materials will have to be chosen with care and should not clash with the ones that have already been used
4. The joints and seams have to be installed with care and a quality finish has to be provided

Perfect and Customised Extension Roof Solutions


We have years of experience in this space and know how important all these and other aspects are while we are installing a roof extension. But we are the roofing experts and no job is too big or small and every job is handled with the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail. When Sydney Roofing Group handles the work, you are assured of a flawless finish and ensure that the look and styling matches your existing roof to perfection.


We have the expertise and resources to handle the complete project from start to finish. Our expertise spans from designing, planning approval, installation and completion of the roofing project. Our expertise in this space makes the entire process seamless and quick and before long, you will have the type of roof you want.


Roofing Specialists


We are the roofing specialists who can provide any material of roofing and our focus on customisation is what sets us apart from the other companies in the field. We know that your home is a big investment and that you want it to be perfect.


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