Terracotta Roof Tiles in Sydney


Terracotta roof tiles are some of the oldest and most common roof tiles in the world. Today these tiles are known for their beauty, cost effectiveness and durability. The fact that a well laid out and maintained terracotta roof can last up to 100 years is no wonder why we have been using it for centuries. However, as one of the leading experts on terracotta roof tiles in Sydney we strongly believe that despite this being an excellent roofing material home owners need to invest in regular maintenance. This is where we at Sydney Roofing Group can help home owners across the city!

Terracotta Roof Tiles in Sydney


 Installing Terracotta Roof Tiles


One of the major drawbacks of terracotta tiles are their weight. People who get these installed for the very first time need to be careful and hire experts because their exact weight needs to be calculated to figure out if the structure can bear it. Plus support beams will need to be installed. The other disadvantage is the upfront cost which today is a lot more expensive than other roofing materials. But because they practically last forever terracotta ensures the return on your investment. We provide professional terracotta roof tile installation services to home owners in the process of building their new homes. We take all the important factors into consideration and do everything it takes to install the tiles in the most cost effective yet durable manner.


 Terracotta Roof Repair and Maintenance Experts


It is no secret that terracotta roof tiles Sydney need to be maintained. Excessive load and the elements can cause these tiles to crack and sometimes break. If the damage is left unattended it can become a bigger issue. At Sydney Roofing Group we specialize in providing repairing and maintenance services for all types of terracotta roof tiles in Sydney. Our team of experts will be at your doorstep at any time you desire to examine and fix even the smallest problem in the most cost effective and efficient way.


 Why Opt for Terracotta Roof Tiles in Sydney?


Though the market is flooded with a range of roofing materials and products, a number of customers still choose terracotta tiles in Sydney for their homes. These is a distinct charm to this material and it lends the structure a quintessential look. We at Sydney Roofing Company can provide the best terracotta tile installation.

Take a look at the benefits of this material: 

  • Salt Safe– These tiles are resistant to salt and this makes then perfect for homes that are located very close to the sea
  • Thermal Performance– This aspect impacts the manner in which the indoor temperature of a house behaves. In turn, this also plays a role in the manner in which energy is used in the house. Terracotta tiles help in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature level. Adding sarking under the tiles increases its insulation properties
  • Acoustic Performance– Since this is a highly dense material,  terracotta roof tiles Sydney help in reducing external traffic, train and aircraft sounds
  • Low Maintenance– Once these tiles have been properly installed, the maintenance costs are very low. In case there is any damage to a certain portion of the roof, only those tiles will have to be replaced which makes it a cost-effective solution
  • Fire Resistance– They are non-combustible and are perfect for areas that are prone to bush fires or lightening

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